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Scorpion Season 2 Episode 2 Cuba Libre

A woman name Sonia shows up, she said that Cabe save her life. She tells them she went to Interpol but they don’t do anything.

She is tracking the war criminals who kill her family, she tells them about one of the Zoric. She said if they can catch him, they will catch all other his colleague.

Cabe goes to get help from Adriana, she points him to one of her known. She tells him she can’t help more than this, if they get caught they will be abandoned.

They now jump from the plane to Cuba’s sea and meet Adriana’s contacts. They tells them the plan to get Zoric’s DNA.

While they following Zoric, their contacts car is explode. All of them dead, they now they have to find the way to track him without any device. They think that he must try to get out and for that he must get change.

They think they will found him at barber shop, they found him. They try to get his blood so they can test his DNA. Sonia gets inside the barber, they afraid she will get revenge.

After they get his blood and test, he notices them. But they manage to captured him, and they get in his apartment to find his ledger. But Toby found from him that his ledger might be in the bank.

Cabe tells them after get called from Adriana that Cuba just issue APB on them, now they become most wanted. Now they have to break in the bank and get out.

They are breaking in the bank to get his ledger, Happy get in and get it out with his ledger. Now they have to rush to the airport, with shortcut from Sylvester. But during the way Zoric escapes out.

Cabe and Sonia chasing after him, they get him and get on the plane on time. They success get back to US.