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Stitchers Season 1 Episode 11 When Darkness Falls

At night Kirsten wake up at night and found Camille try to spooke her but failed, Next day Maggie tells them about Devon. They believe that he may abducted a girl Kelli and suicide himself.

Kirsten get in his memory, she confirmed that she saw him abducted her. But seem he knows that she is watching him. She bouncing out.

They go to check his house, Kirsten see someone in his house. But they found no one, but Kirsten feels someone is watching them.

At night when Kirsten is alone, she saw Devon at her window. But he is gone when she see him again, she goes to tell Cameron at night. She sleep over there, at night she has a nightmare and wakeup.

She see Davon again outside door, she wakes Cameron again. But they found no one, next day they found that Davon works with the body. They go to check the body Kirsten saw, she found Keli’s phone in that body.

Kirsten get in his memory again, she saw him tells her that she is next. She found that Keli is in basement, They go there and rescue her.

At night they go to have Halloween’s party at Davon’s house, Kirsten found twins of Davon in the house. He try to kill her but she escapes, she tells them about him. She thinks he is the one who kidnapped Keli and killed Devon.

After they clear people out, they found he kidnapped Camille. Kirsten and them found her captured, they meet him and she knocks him down.