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Scorpion Season 2 Episode 6 Tech, Drugs, and Rock ‘n’ Roll

Walter has the meeting with Elia, but tonight he following Ray suggestion and goes to bar. He meets a nice woman there.

Next day his team can’t reach Walter, Cabe and Paige following him and found him sleep in the room. He seem doesn’t remember anything from last night, now he has meeting with Elia.

They go to the meeting, Elia tells him that his work is not work well. He and his team start to fix the problem.

Walter checks and found that building system now failing, he found there is worm infiltrate the building. He found that the worm came from him.

Walter thinks about that woman, Stellar. He asks Cape and Paige to get her so they can stop worm. He also tells them about man who steers him to her.

Walter try to fix the problem one by one, but seem worm stops him. He plans to remove the system and reboot, but they found worm still attack them.

Toby get in the server room, but he found that it’s going to explode. Walter and Happy found him, but he thinks he can fixed the building but he has to sacrifice. Happy is not happy. Finally he did but when he try to put O2 back system failed.

Finally he can manage to reboot it, but he found that the worm is back. He thinks that might has the external device to start the worm. While Cabe and Paige looking for who did. Walter help Sylvester get children out.

Cabe found that it’s someone from Elia’s company, now they following him. They found who is he, he is Dan. He implants the virus chips is his arm and activate it. He tells Elia about Dan, he tells them he slash his fund last week.

Cabe found him and destroy his chip, Walter get back control of his system. Elia tells Walter that he stills want to do it again.