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Resurrection Season 2 Episode 13 Loved in Return

Margaret sneaks in the house, she goes to see Rachael. She tells her how to be with Tom again.

James lock Marty in, he said that the baby gonna bring more return into world. They can’t allow that happen. James goes to see the anti-return group, he tells them they have same enemy.

Maggie found that Rachael is not responding, Frederic break in and found Margaret. He takes her out, she tells Jacob to tell them about baby. But he won’t, Marty breaks out and try to warn them.

Too late, the town people and return surrounding them, Frederic try to get deputy but they all locked down. Marty try to call government but they are gone.

Henry asks James how he so convinces, he tells him that baby hurts Jacob. Henry start to hesitate, they convince him that it’s not right. Henry tells them in 10 minutes they will storm in.

Lucille tells them she is going to go out with Jacob and Jenny, they agreed and get out safety. They start to get in, captured them all.

James get in to see Rachael, he try to convinces her to go. Margaret changes her mind and help Marty and other out.

He goes to stop him on time, James try to kill her but Marty shot him. Finally she give a birth. Next morning they found the news about all return from all the world.

One year later, Marty now working for Bureau of the returned. James is locked in prison, and Rachael’s baby is fine.