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Scorpion Season 2 Episode 5 Super Fun Guys

Cooper shows up and tells them about old Soviet nuke, there is a selling to enemy of the them. They need to them to locate it, so they can send SEAL team to get seller and nuke.

But they need to get their equipment in country, to do that Cooper suggest that they will disguise as film production of super fun guys movie.

They go there and found the building with nuke, while they are leaving. A man shows up and wants their help, they let him in. But he has a gun and hostage Paige, he wants to know what they are after.

He thinks they are spy, Walter get the Paige out from him. Cabe get called from Cooper that the seller knows about them, now they can’t get out.

They plan to disarm the nuclear nuke, Sylvester them the factory with chemical can do that. They send Happy to get it but while enter it she stuck, Toby goes to help her out with chemical.

But they found that the way leads to the nuke is surround with people from movie, they disguise as them and get in the warehouse.

They disarm the nuke, but before done. The seller notices them and start to shoot at them. They have no choice then they get the truck with nuke out.

They miss the way to disable it due from chasing, Walter decided to arm it. While Sylvester goes to NATO to get help.

They fire the missile to the mine to destroy it, but the seller shows up. Cabe and Toby knock them down, NATO arrives and get them out.