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Resurrection Season 2 Episode 12 Steal Away

Maggie wakes up and found Marty and Jenny are missing, at facility they found all return responding to something. At town they gathering on the road, Frederic and Maggie found they are at Rachael’s apartment.

Frederic shot in the sky and make them realize. Marty and them go to ask Rachael about it but she has no idea.

James goes to ask Henry and Lucile about what Jacob said about Margaret made Barbara gone. But they don’t want to talks about her.

James goes to see Marty, he wants him to arrange to see Margaret. In facility Margaret becomes the return leader, Angela has a meeting with her. She asks her why she is leading the revolt. She said no but they don’t want the way they treat them.

Marty tells Angela about what happen, she tells him that she needs some one to calm them otherwise they will lock them down. He said he knows they way.

He takes James to the facility, she asks him what happen. She tells him that she make the calculation.

James asks Margaret about Barbara, he said if she doesn’t help him all her family will died. Margaret help him to convinces the other to cooperate with him.

Angela tells Marty it’s possible there is a mass return is coming. They heard an alarm, they found all the return dead. They found that James poison them all. Marty warns Frederic about James, he thinks he is after Rachael.

Frederic and Maggie take Rachael out and hide her, James and other are returned. He tells Margaret the Rachael’s child is dark soul. He wants to get rid him, Margaret doesn’t agree she left.

Angela found out that the big return is coming, Margaret goes to see Jacob. He tells her about Rachael and her baby, he tells her that seem baby is hurting him.

Marty try to convince people who after James, Margaret shows up and tell them where is Rachael. They hold him.