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Scorpion Season 2 Episode 4 Robots

Homeland deputy Cooper shows up to tells them that she is now their liaison, she assigns them the task about submarine problem.

She tells them about someone tapped the cable under ocean. They need to check who and why. Cabe, Happy and Walter get in the sub, they connect the device and checking. Walter thinks it’s a trap.

But too late the sub start to lost the control and hit the ocean, they also can’t communicated to surface. Toby and Sylvester found something wrong before they totally lost communication. They tells Paige to see Cooper and get help, while they figure out their location.

While Walter and them sending Cabe out for help, he managed to surface. Commercial ship found them, he now arrange for the equipment for them to breath.

Walter now found the way to help the other, and they are safe. Now 3 of them still inside, they send them oxygen.

But they found that there is poison gas, ensign tells them he has to destroy submarine to protect their secret. So he initial count down, Walter think that may be they can ride the explosion of the sub.

They safety get on the surface.