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Resurrection Season 2 Episode 11 True Believer

Marty just get the dream about James again. Jenny tells them about James, she tells them that he is fun.

He found him in town, James make a miracle for a woman who wants to see her husband.

Rachael shows up to Maggie, she tells her that she escapes from Janie. Marty warned James about what he wants to do, he will put him away.

Henry makes the meeting with Lucile, he wants to talks with her. At night Henry goes to thanks Marty about Jacob, when Frederic shows up he is disappear.

Frederic found him dead in his car, he died because of heart attack. But Lucille seems calm, she said James will bring him back.

They go to see him, he said they can help but he needs Marty. Marty tells them that he is a con man, but they thinks they have nothing to lose. They all convinces him to do.

Marty and Frederic goes to see him, he convinces Marty that he can do. He takes him to the field, he tells them to kill him he will bring Henry back with him. Marty say no way, Frederic shot him dead.

After that an hour, they are looking for both of them. But they can’t find him, Frederic tells Margaret about Henry. But seems she doesn’t care.

They try to tell Lucille about it, but she won’t accepts it. Then James shows up with Henry. They all surprise, Frederic tells his mother about Henry’s back. She is happy.

Marty asks James why he needs him, he said he gives him purpose.