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Once Upon a Time Season 5 Episode 4 The Broken Kingdom

In past before of Cameron, Arthur shows Guinevere about Merlin’s tree. He tells her one day he will be the king.

After Arthur get the Excalibur back, he tells Guinevere about the sword. He said his journey just begin.

Arthur shows Charming about truth of Excalibur, he tells him if he completed his sword may be he doesn’t kneed Merlin.

Charming tells them about the dagger and Arthur, but Snows doesn’t want to trust him. Snow Against it, she tell him about Lancelot.

In past on the Guinevere’s birthday, Arthur won’t come out to celebrate with her. He obsess with they way to find dagger. He lefts her with Lancelot.

David tells Arthur about truth about Emma, he willing to help him and tell him about Lancelot. He tells him that he will help Emma.

In past, Guinevere and Lancelot goes after Arthur to help him. They found dark one’s vault, and found dagger and Rumple. She makes a deal with him, she will use his magic to fix the sword.

She back to him and shows him the truth, instead he use the magic to fix her and kingdom.

Lancelot takes Snows to the place where they hide the dagger, Arthur shows up and try to stop them. He get the dagger and try to command Emma out. Snows tells him it’s fake, Charming shows up.

But Guinevere shows up and captured Lancelot, they use the magic to fix Charming and Snows. They tells Regina to hand Arthur the dagger, then they can help Emma.

Emma captured Merida, she takes out her heart and command her. She wants her to make Gold brave like her.