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Resurrection Season 2 Episode 10 Prophecy

Jacob’s parent try to find Jacob, they found that Margaret takes him. Frederic tells Marty and Maggie about Jacob, she checked and found that he is not disappear.

Elaine¬†meets the man, he tells her he needs to find a boy. She see the strange pattern on his back, then he disappear when she’s back.

Henry tells Frederic and Marty that Margaret took him, Margaret takes Jacob to the place where she said it’s start.

Lucile tells the day that Jacob is missing to Maggie. Margaret tells Jacob about her story that bad man force her father do the wrong thing.

Marty meets that man, but he tells him he didn’t see him. Margaret tells Jacob that their family is cursed, she try to help them but everything failed.

Frederic, Henry and Marty found where are them. Margaret tells them that they won’t go back with them. Marty get chance and get Jacob out, they takes both of them back.

They take Jacob backs home, he doesn’t seem happy to be back. Marty call Angela to send Jenny back to him, he tells her that he is her brother.

Frederic is sending Margaret to facility, she tells him how she make Barbara disappear. He changed his mind to takes her to cabin, but she insist to goes.

Jenny introduces Marty the preachers James, he found that he is the returned too. Next morning while Marty walks in the field, he heard some noise from ground. The group of insects fly out from ground, James shows up and tell him that he see it too.

He tells him that he safe him when he was the baby.