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Once Upon a Time Season 5 Episode 3 Siege Perilous

Regina and them are looking for answer how to get Merlin out, they found that they may can use toasttool to communicate with Merlin and tell them how to get him out. Arthur and Charming goes out to get it.

Regina shows them the book with toasttool, look likes they were looking for it in Camelon. Dwarfs show up tell them about Emma get their axes.

Emma try to destroy the rock but failed, her darkness tells her she need heroes to get the sword out.

Emma meets up with Hook in his ship, she try to please him. But he thinks she is lied to him, she left him.

Snow meets Lancelot, he tells her that Arthur is the villains. At night, Arthur tell his wife that he takes toasttool from Charming. He did for his kingdom.

Arthur plans to created Camelot in Storybrooke, he tricks his man to take a fall of his plan. He gives him the poison.

Hook asks Robin to sneaks in Emma’s house, to check what is behind her secret door. Belle found that Gold is wake up, but she found him missing.

Emma take him to her place and cure him, he wake up and see her. She said she will make him purest heroes.