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Resurrection Season 2 Episode 9 Aftermath

Maggie tells Marty that the cure work Ray is better now, Marty tells Frederic they just killed Tom.

Frederic tells Janine about Tom, but she decides not to tell Rachael about him. Jacob’s parent also decides to hide from him too.

Henry tells Margaret about William and their deal, she is confusing how he could do. Janine finally tells Rachael about Tom, she is upset and try to get out but she locked her inside house.

Rachael tricks her and get out of the house, Frederic shows up to Henry He gives him back the money William going to get out with him.

Marty takes Maggie to government facility, he tells Angela about cure. They tell her that they can takes fluid from Rachael previous body.

Henry asks Margaret about fired that happen, he also asks him about Barbara. She admitted him, he is very upset.

Angela tells them that they can’t help them. Frederic found that Carl is one who hit Tom, he arrests him.

Maggie found that Angela gives them the fluid from Rachael’s body. They head to their clinic now.

After Jacob the fight between his parent and the other who hate the return. He tells Margaret that he doesn’t want to see his parents hurt anymore. They left.