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Once Upon a Time Season 5 Episode 2 The Price

7 dwarfs is afraid of Emma and try to leave town, one of them try to cross the town and he becomes the tree.

In camelot, Arthur shows them where Merlin is captured. Regina tells them she is the savior, she will release Merlin and goes back home.

Henry asks Emma to see him, he wants to know what happen. Regina shows up, Emma tells them that the problem is coming and they need the savoir but there is no one.

Arthur and his men shows up in Storybrooke, Regina tells him about curse that Emma cast. Robin tells them that they found other come to Storybrooke too.

Hook goes to see Emma, she takes him to her house. He kisses her and thought that he will fix her but it won’t.

In wood something shows up and captured Robin, Regina and them chases after it. Regina is beaten by it, it takes Robin out.

Belle found that it’s a Fury, creature from underworld comes up to collect the price of use magic. She tells her to save him someone must give his life instead of him.

In Camelot, while in the ball. A man confront Regina, he knows about her. He try to attack her but Robin shows up and protect her, he is stabbed.

Regina can’t use her magic to help, she asks Emma to help him. She did but she didn’t tell Regina that she has to pay for it.

At night they following Fury to the river, they try to stop it from take him. Regina asks it to takes her instead of him. Mary, David and them help her and chase it out.

At night the darkness tells Emma to complete the Excalibur.