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Resurrection Season 2 Episode 8 Forsaken

After Carl’s group’s action, people start to abandon their return. One of them tells Tom that she can’t live with them anymore.

Marty try to find out who did, but town people seems scared of them. Margaret found out about William, she found that his family try to revenge her.

Maggie thinks that her baby make Rachael well, she asks them that she wants to get something from her baby and can make the medication for other.

Frederic goes to ask Elaine about the group, she tells him about their member. Maggie try the thing from baby and injected in Ray.

Marty tells the other include Frederic that he is the return also, they are stunning. Janine tells Rachael that they will go to stay with her sister until event stop.

Henry finally make a deal with William, he even put his house to make it works. Frederic tells Marty that that group is going to do something, they plan to meet at church.

Tom found that Janine and Rachael are missing, he found Janine’s journal. He found that Janine is obsess with Rachael’s baby.

The group attacked the church with tear gas, Marty and Tom get people out. But Tom is hit by car drive by Carl and dead.