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Once Upon a Time Season 5 Episode 1 The Dark Swan

In past Emma met the man, he warns her that one day she will has opportunity to remove sword. Don’t do it.

In past Arthur and his men are looking for Excalibur, he takes the sword out of the rock. But he found that the rest of it missing.

After Emma disappear, Hook use the dagger to command she out. But she is not  shows up, Regina tells them that she is not in this world anymore.

Emma found herself in enchanted forest, she sees Rumple. But he said he is the darkness insider her. She is heading to see Merlin.

Sorcerer Apprentice gives the wand before he died, he said it use to open the portal to the realm. Regina try but it’s not work, Hook think they must use Zelena. She tells them that they need her magic to weird the wand, Regina won’t believe her.

Emma is tricked by darkness to use her power. He asks her to following some blue light to get Merlin. She chases it and found Merinda, she tells her about Hills of stones.

Hook and Henry plans to break Zelena out, Hook try to get her heart out but she is blocked my magic. She get his knife and cut her hand out to loose from her captured. She escapes.

Regina thinks she is after Robin, but too late Zelena already get him. She tells them she want to back to Oz, she wants her wand. She gives it to her, Zelena uses it to open door to Oz. But after she open, Regina has chance and captured her again.

Darkness try to convinces Emma to kill Merinda and takes her wisp, Emma captured her and takes out her heart. Darkness tells her to crush it, before she did Hook and them shows up stop her.

Emma gives her dagger to Regina to help her control herself, if she can’t then destroy her. They shows her how they come here.

Arthur and his men shows up, he tells them about Merlin. He invites them to Camelot, he said they will meet Merlin with him.

6 weeks later after that they are back to Storybrooke. But Emma is missing and they don’t remember anything in past 6 weeks. Then Emma in black suit shows up, she tells them they are failed.