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Resurrection Season 2 Episode 7 Miracles

Rachael has a dream that she meets the girl in factory, then fire and smoke starts to come out. She found the room is locked while people traps inside, then she meets Margaret then she wakes up.

Maggie and Marty tells Rachel and Tom about his medication, but they can’t guarantee anything. But she is worried about her baby.

Ray tells Carl about his secret group of meeting about anti-the-returned. He tells them about his brother, He tells them that he killed him.

Rachael tells Tom that she won’t get any medication. She said she is satisfy with what she has now, she then collapse.

Carl found Ray is sick, he send him to hospital. They found they share the same symptom, Marty tells Angela about it. She said he can’t give it to normal people.

Marty tells Tom that he also has the vial, he tells him they must do this. They are going to inject Rachael the vial, but Maggie stop them.

Marty finally tells Maggie that he is also the return, she is upset that he always lies to her. She leaves.

Carl convinces the other to start the action to the return tonight, before they all get sicks.

Maggie tells Tom that Rachael is back to normal without the medication. After she tells Marty about Rachael, he is so surprised.

Margaret goes to see Rachael, she tells her about factory and girl. She thinks that man they see is also back.

At night Marty found that the door house of the return is mark with upside down cross.