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Once Upon a Time Season 4 Episode 23 Operation Mongoose (part 2)

Isaac goes to see Rumple, he warns him about Henry. He proves to him that his story is true, but he doesn’t wants to believe him.

Henry asks Hook to help him to get Emma out, but he found that Black beard is his captain. He knocks down Black beard and get his ship, they sail to get Emma.

Henry get in and found Emma, she remembered him. She said it’s Gold’s plan to make she remember so she can suffer. Now they leave to stop Zelena’s wedding.

While waiting Henry get Regina, Snows and Charming shows up at Emma. She try to convinces them who they are. Hook block them while Emma takes Henry out.

But Charming back stab him, Hook died. They escapes from them and go to see Regina. She convinces her to get Robin.

They arrive at the wedding on time, they tell her to kiss him. But Rumple shows up, Emma fight with him. But she failed, Henry fight with him and also failed.

While he is going to kill him, Regina block them. She is going to died, Robin comes out and see her. Isaac shows up and tell them it’s too late, Emma punch him.

Henry notices his quill, when he touch it Isaac found that Henry is the next author. He use Regina’s blood to undo his story.

They all back to Storybrooke, Hook and other are fine. Emma is happy and going to tell him that she love him. But she can’t.

Sorcerer Apprentice tells Henry that he can’t revive Neal, Henry thinks that the quill is too power. He destroy it.

Belle shows up and tell them Rumple is dying, once he died  they will be all in danger. Sorcerer Apprentice goes to check him, he use the magic hat to contain the darkness.

But the darkness comes out the magic hat and enter Sorcerer Apprentice, Emma use her power to help him. She chases it out, Sorcerer Apprentice tells her that only Sorcerer can destroy the dark one. He tells them his name is Merlin.

The darkness shows up and try to capture Regina, Emma has no choice but contain the darkness in her.