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Resurrection Season 2 Episode 6 Afflictions

Maggie asks Elaine again about what she saw last night, she tells her the same that she is disappear. She goes to see Margaret, but she tells her that she has not seen her.

Marty wakes up and found out he is in government facility, they tells him they have something to depress the symptom but not cure. He wants to see her first.

She tells him about the virus, she thinks it comes from past and mutate. But if they are in the last stage, they will disappear.

Maggie tells Frederic about Barbara, he seems calm. He knows that it’s Margaret. Marty sneaks out the lab, he found that himself is double return.

Frederic goes to see Margaret, he tells her that he knows that she lied. He tells her that she gives him Maggie.

He asks Angela about what happen to him, she tells him about his family the thompson. They already disappear, but his sister still here. He goes to see her, he promises her that he will take her back.

Angela lets Marty back with the vials that can keep him contagion and sick. He’s back to Maggie, he gives her all supply.

Before he left the facility he lefts his phone hide there, now he knows where is that facility.