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Once Upon a Time Season 4 Episode 22 Operation Mongoose (part 1)

Isaac always want to be a writer, one day he get the letter from publisher say wants to see him. He goes to interview with Sorcerer Apprentice, he tells him he will be next author.

Emma and them are looking for clue about Author, they all worry what Gold and Author will do to their story. Hook tells them about Sorcerer Apprentice that Gold make him trapped, they ask fairy to get him out.

He tells them he need to put Isaac back in book, so he can’t hurt anyone anymore. Emma will goes to get it.

Author tells Gold that he only can rewrite the future not change the past, he asks if he wants to make him forget Neal. He said no.

Emma and them go to see Gold, but too late Author finish the story.

Henry wakes up and found no one, he is looking for them. He found Isaac’s book, he goes to see him at his opening. He threaten him to lock back in the book if he doesn’t tells him where are them.

He tells him that he lost his magic, now he can’t change anything. Henry use the key and enter to his book, but seem he also takes Isaac with him.

He shows up and tied him up, and run out when Orge shows up to attack him. Gold shows up and rescue him.

Henry following Isaac’s book to home, he meets Regina. He tells her about Operation Mongoose. She doesn’t believe him and burn his book, he manage to get one page out.

He tells her about Robin Hood, she doesn’t believe him. Isaac is captured by Queen Snows’s men. He try to tell them about Henry but they won’t listen, but he convinces them that he can find Regina and get her revenge.

Regina rob the carrier, but she found Snows and Charming instead of treasure. Before she get out her heart, she asks her about Henry. Robin shows up and help her out, he tells her about her fiances Zelena.

Regina tells Henry about Robin Hood and Zelena, he try to stop her leaving. He thinks they must stop their wedding. Regina tells him about savior, she tells him that Snow while locked her in prison for long time.