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Resurrection Season 2 Episode 5 Will

Frederic gives Marty the bone he found, he tells him about Family’s secret. He tells him that they cover a fire as accident. He thinks it’s better to left it.

Elaine setup Maggie and her mother to be together, so they can connected. They start to open to each other. After that Barbara goes back to stay night with Frederic.

Marty goes to see Margaret, he tells her that he knows what she did. She tells him that she knows his secret too, he asks her about how the return stop return. She tells him that life is choice.

Maggie found out that Marty turn the bones to government, she is very upset. She found from Margaret that her mother is with her father. She found they are quite happy.

Carl try to stop his brother to get better, he expected him to disappear. Tom and Janine found Rachael sicks, they rush her to Maggie. She tells Marty to get government to help Rachel before too late.

He did called but they didn’t help him, he tells Maggie about it and about bones from her family factory.

Margaret asks Barbara to walks with her, she forces her to stay with her. Elaine found them talks together. She convinces her that nobody wants her, she gives up herself. She tells her to get off the pain just let it go, she did and disappear. Elaine found her disappear.

Maggie tells Marty that Mikey is disappear, he found himself start to sick too. Elaine tells Maggie about her mother gone while she talked with her grand mother.

Marty lefts Maggie, he is very sick.