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Once Upon a Time Season 4 Episode 21 Mother

Regina takes everyone back to Storybrooke, Maleficent meets her daughter. Regina found that Gold is dying while she takes his quill and the author.

Maleficent tells Lily that she is happy, but Lily wants to get her revenge. But Maleficent thinks that they should happy instead of waste it on revenge. She is upset.

Regina thinks that she can get the darkness from Lily, she cut her and use her blood activate ink.

Mary, David and Maleficent found Lily turn to the dragon. They are following her try to stop her, they found her in wood. She knocks Mary down.

Regina takes author to see Zelena, she tells her that she already thinkg about her ending. She will shows her.

Emma forgives them, Maleficent and Lily agreed to stay together for week. She tells her she will show her how to be bitch dragon.

In past Cora’s try to tricks Regina by get her the man she plant, so she can has a baby. But she found out and upset her, she tortured him.

She tells her that she won’t be her tools for her power, she takes the potion that make her can’t has baby. Cora is sad, she said it’s her that stop her own happiness.

Regina changed her mind to not asks Author to write anything, she said she has everything she wants now. Author then write his own, he disappear with ink to Gold.

Gold gives him the books about Villains and Heroes. He tells him to start to write the story that Villains win.