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Resurrection Season 2 Episode 4 Old Scars

In past a man is chasing by town people, they hang him up. Margaret was a child, she also there watching him.

Margaret is upset about the agents take the return bones, Marty tells her he knows nothing.

Janine meets Rachael in grocery, she suddenly hurt her belly and collapse. Janine send her to hospital. Maggie check her and seems fine, but she tells her that her baby growth fast.

Sheriff asks his mother about bones they found, it comes from their factory. She tells him she has no idea, she also invited him for dinner tonight. Jacob also wants Barbara at diner, he is upset when his parent doesn’t want to. Henry goes to invite her, to their dinner.

Marty found Arthur in the old news, he was one of employee in factory. Sheriff found out that Marty is looking about his family factory. Marty tells him about what he found, he thinks the bones belong to one of employee in factory.

At night Barbara shows up, they are quite awkward. Jacob sorry to her that he couldn’t safe her. He is so happy.

Janine tells Tom that they should let Rachael stay with them. At night she try to comfort her what happen to her, she tells her she will help her.

At dinner at first everything seem fine, but it end not so well. Everyone scattered out, Barbara is sad and left.

Marty goes to check the factory, Frederic shows up. They found Mikey outside the factory, he is sick. They takes him to Maggie, she tells them that all return are sick.

At night, Margaret tell story to Jacob about family that employ all village until one day demon comes. They try to kill it but it always comes back, until they found how to kill it. Now that responsible belongs to the girl.