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Once Upon a Time Season 4 Episode 20 Lily

Apprentice tells Sorcerer about the author, he tells him they must be sure the Author must not interfere.

Maleficent shows up and wants to works with them to get rid of Gold before he betray her. She wants Emma to find her daughter, Emma found out that she is Lily.

In past, while Emma is looking for packing for her vacation. She found Lily, she said she is in trouble. She introduces her in family, but she thinks Lily is making her problem. She found that she robs the shop, Emma scared and wants her to leave. She doesn’t want her to destroy her happy.

But too late, Lily steals their adopts parent money and gone. They upset her, she left.

Emma and Regina go to New York to find Lily and help Robin, Gold tells Author that this trip will fasten her darkness.

Emma found from her neighbor that Lily is dead, she gets a lot of temper. While they leave, they stop by the gas station. Emma found her, she try to get her back. But she said that she is fine and doesn’t need her help.

But Emma¬†knows that she lies, they go to see her room. They found that she knows everything about her mother, and Emma’s parent. She then steals her car with spell that can enter Storybrooke, Emma following her.

She catch up with her, she pull the gun out. Liliy tells her to kill her, Regina try to stop her. She finally convinces her.

After Regina found that Gold gets Belle’s heart, they rush to see Robin. She try to warn Robin about Zelena. He doesn’t want to believe her, Marian shows up and show herself as Zelena.

But he tells her he can’t leave her, he tells them that she is pregnant.