Resurrection Season 2 Episode 3 Multiple

Tom started his small church as Janie suggest him, but while Baptiste she found human remains. The polices found a lot of remains,

Jacob’s parent feels that their mother make Jacob a trouble to them. He is now wants to go to school.

Marty tells Tom that he also died, he wants him to keep it secret. He tells him about his dream about see his multiple body. Maggie tells sheriff that these bones are dug up and dump in river.

Maggie tells Marty that she think the bones are comes from same people. She think they are from the return that left the body behind. He tells her to keep in lab.

Maggie see her grand grand mother, she tells her that her father has every right to not trust all return. But she didn’t tell her why.

Jacob’s parent takes him to school, they are worried about what other children will treat him.

Marty makes a trap and catch one of agent, he force him to bring him back to his boss. He meets her and wants his body back, she said if he has something for her then she will give him access.

Sheriff looks around for clue who dump the body, he found something. Maggie tells Marty that all victim’s bone seem they are murdered.

At night Sheriff goes to the factory, he found that the thing he found is come from factory. He found piece of bone in a hole in factory, he’s back to Maggie. They notices someone in her house.

Marty make a deal to see his body, he see it. Tom create the tomb for him, while the agents come to take all bones.

Carl’s brother is the return, he make him can’t bare. He shoot him several time, after he buried him. His brother call him out again from his house.