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Once Upon a Time Season 4 Episode 19 Sympathy for the De Vil

In past, her mother force her back home with her dogs. She captured her on the attic, she said until she start to do what she said.

Maleficent asks Cruella about her daughter, she tells her that she left her die in wood. She is upset and turn to dragon, she tame her and tells her to lie down.

Regina shows Emma and them about Zelena. She tells them she knows how to handle Gold. She asks Belle to meets with him.

Gold tells her about his darkness heart, he tells her that only Author can fix his heart before it turn the good out. But he found out that Regina control her heart.

She tells him not to tell anything to Zelena, she will goes to see her at New York. While Gold gone, Cruella shows up to force the author. Seem they know each other, but she didn’t tell anything to Gold.

In past the author goes to see Cruella’s mother at her house, he asks her about her magic to control her dogs. He makes her upset and throw him out, he meets Cruella. She wants him to take her out.

She tells him about her mother’s story, he tells her about his truth. He tells her that he can write story and change them. He shows to her, he wants her to go with him. He gives her power to control the animal, but she wants to revenge her mother first.

Henry is kidnapped by Cruella, she called his mothers. She wants them to kill the author. Gold shows up to the author, he knows that they know each other. He asks him what he did to make her wants him killed.

Emma and Regina go to help Henry, they heard Henry scream. They split to find him, Emma found her hold him.

Mary and David found Author, he tells them that Gold made him write story that Emma turn to dark. Author tell them that Cruella can’t kill anyone but Emma doesn’t know.

Emma killed Cruella, Mary and David are too late.