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Resurrection Season 2 Episode 2 Echoes

Jacob asks his grandmother if his parent will died soon, she said even yes they might come back like them.

Marty tells Maggie that he will stay longer for new assignment, Rachael tells Tom that she see Janie’s stuff everywhere. She wants to move out to find apartment, he tells her for now most important is her child safety.

Sheriff and Marty found that Celeb might be back, they go to check in his cabin. But they found no one.

Janie found Tom resign from church, he thinks the church doesn’t like what he did. She wants to get something from house but she doesn’t want to see Rachael.

Sheriff goes to see Elaine tells her about her father, but she thinks it’s not him. He wants to apologize her for night he drunk but he won’t.

Marty goes to the observation spot, he found a man Arthur. He tells him he sick and collapse. Maggie meet her grand grand mother, she checked her and found she is healthy.

Marty takes Arthur to Maggie, he is the¬†return too. Henry’s mother wants him to show her the factory, she is very upset when see it.

Arthur wakes up, Marty asks him about how he died. He remembered about fire and smoke. Next day Maggie grand grand mother visits him, she said he worked in factory before.

Later they found he just disappeared, at night Marty goes to see Jacob. Seems he also knows that he is the return. He tells him to keep it secret.