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Once Upon a Time Season 4 Episode 18 Heart of Gold

Emma and them chase after the author, but they lost him. Rumple found the author, he shows him his quill. In return Rumple tells him to write whole new happy ending.

Rumple tells Regina about Robin’s problem, he tells her to call him. 9 weeks ago after Robin’s family left, they are looking for Neal’s apartment. But they found Rumple in his apartment. Gold suddenly collapse, he send him to hospital.

Gold wants him to steal something for help him, he will help him. He wants him to steals something from Zelena. He found it and give it to Gold, he exchanges it with Neal’s apartment.

Gold found that potion is not work, Marian shows up and tells him that is fake. She transform to Zelena. He is surprise that she is alive, she tells her how her alive. She killed Marian and disguise as her.

She makes a deal with him, she will cure him and take him home exchange of give her also happiness in his plan and stop revenge her. He agreed.

In past, Johnny tried to convince Robin to rob with him. Sheriff shows up for the tax, he tells him he will pay. At night Rumple to make deal with him, he wants him to steal him something exchange for gold.

While Robin stealing from Zelena, he encounter Zelena but he escapes. He tells Will that he can’t find it. But before left, he give him the potion. Once he back, he start to steals from rich and gives to poor and become Robin Hood.

After Robin found that Gold is safe, he back to his family. He tells Marian that he will stay with her.

Regina found that Zelana is with Robin, she tells her how happy they are. He tells her that he wants her to help him turn Emma to darkness.