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Resurrection Season 2 Episode 1 Revelation

Marty wakes up and found all return is gone. He rush to Jacob house, he tells his parent that he is captured. But then Jacob shows up.

They tells him about all detained, seem they are safe. Solider bring Jacob back to them, they tells him he missing for week. He has no idea about it.

Marty goes to see Maggie she check him and seem normal, he is going to find who abducted him.

Town people upset with sheriff because he call the army last time, at night Jacob goes to see his grandmother. She just coming back.

In morning Henry Jacob’s father, see his mother who died for years. He tells her about Sheriff that called army. Sheriff is upset and try to attack Marty when he see him get out Maggie’s apartment.

Henry call Sheriff about their mother comes back, but he won’t believe. Marty found that his friend lure him to the people that captured him. He escapes and goes to asks his friend.

Henry’s mother goes to see Frederic. She tells him everything will be OK. Marty found the woman who captured him in his apartment.

She wants him to back to the town with the return, then they will answer him later. Marty then remember now that he is one of the return too.