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Once Upon a Time Season 4 Episode 17 Best Laid Plans

In past, snows and charming after unicorn. They want to see the future of their child, they have to touch unicorn horn. They see her differently, she is so worried.

Hook tells Emma and Henry about their plan, she is not believe that they can. Margaret and David thinks that they have to find the way to stop the author. Maybe he can changed Emma, they need to stop him.

After Regina hand them the copy from her phone, Rumple found it’s a magic door. He said they need to hand it, Maleficent cast sleep spell to entire town.

In past Charming and Snows met sorcerer apprentice, he tells them how to make her child good. He tells them they must find another child to absorb her darkness. Snows think they can use Maleficent egg, to do that.

Mary and David found whole town sleep, while Rumple and them can’t find the drawing. Rumple thinks Henry has it, they go after him. David thinks that if they destroy the page, Rumple will can’t use Author to change Emma to darkness.

Henry found the key for door in painting, but Regina, Maleficent and Cruella shows up. He has no choice by hand her the page, Mary and David shows up they take the real paint and key from him.

Gold found that Regina bring them the fake page, he ask them to send her to her vault. Mary and David is going to burn it, but she thinks they did wrong.

In past sorcerer apprentice tricks them and send Maleficent’s child along with Ursula and Cruella through the portal.

Mary and David confess to Emma, she is sad. She leaves them, she is upset to them. Rumple shows Maleficent her child, she is safe and name Lily.

Emma tells August about key they found, he tells them he is not only the author. In past sorcerer apprentice goes to see this author, he is the one who force him to get out Maleficent’s child.

Emma finally get him out. But before they can asks him question, he running off.