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Once Upon a Time Season 4 Episode 16 Poor Unfortunate Soul

In past, Hook come across with mermaid. They almost sink his ship, but he escapes from them.

Poseidon try to make his daughter Ursula to hurt human because one of the human kill his wife, her mother. But she doesn’t want to hurt them.

Regina threaten August with her fire, he started to tell them about the Dragon. Seem he knows about the book, he tells them that he get the dragon’s research with him.

Regina sneaks out the information to them, they tell Belle about him. They found that she handed him his dagger.

Hook tells them he will find out his secret from Ursula, he is the one who takes her happiness.

Hook goes to see Ursula and offer the deal exchange with secret of Rumple, she agreed. He tells her that her thing is in his ship. He tells Belle and Will about Rumple and his ship, he said he has something to help them. They put his potion to his ship and it return to size.

In past Hook meets Ursula, she tells him about her father and how she escapes from him. He promises her to takes her to some place, but at night Hook is captured by Poseidon. He wants him to takes away her voice, he will give him squid ink that can paralyze even Rumple. But he won’t takes it from her, instead he asks her to steal her father ink.

Rumple turn August back to the wood, once the potion wear off. He tells him that potion it’s a lie detector, if he lies they will know.

He tells them about sorcerer that trap author behind the door, he tells them that the door is in Storybrooke.

Hook gives her voice back, but it won’t work. She won’t tell him anything, she dump him into the sea. Ariel shows up and help him up.

In past Ursula gives Hook the ink, but Poseidon shows up and take it away. He is upset and take Ursula’s voice. So now he can’t use her to sink any ship. She upset and leave.

Emma rescues August, Snows knocked down Cruella. But Ursula shows up, she hostage Snow. Hook shows up and tell Ursula that only Poseidon can give her voice back, Poseidon return her voice. She returns with him.

Cruella goes to see Rumple and them about Ursula betrayed them. Ursula before left she tells Hook about Rumple’s plan. He try to fill her heart with darkness, so the author can give them the happiness.

August tell them that the author trap inside the book.