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American Horror Story Season 4 Episode 13 Curtain Call

Freaks are talking about Dandy, Penny thinks may be they should get another show. Paul tells her there is no other.

Dandy complains to them about their performance, he started to taunting them. Freaks upset and put him down, then they tell him that they are quit.

Elsa try to meet president of network TV, but she wait for a day. She meets Michael, he is kind to her.

Dandy get his gun and shoot Paul, Penny and everyone else. Eve found Paul dead, she grab the axes and after him. While he is going to kill Desiree, Eve shows up and beats him. But he could killed her.

He goes to see twins which he captured, he takes her to his house. At night Jimmy back to the show, he found bodies a lot. Desiree shows up and tell him everything.

Dandy and twins married, after dinner she poisons him. He see Desiree, Bette shoot him while he is try to hurt Desiree.

He wakes up and found himself in the glass cage, and put the water in it. They are watching him drown.

Elsa finally own her show “The Elsa Mars Hour” in Hollywood, she married with Micheal. But she is not happy much with her work and her husband, one day they tells her that they want her to perform on Halloween. She said no and leaves home.

She meets Massimo, she tells him about her wish. She tells him that she wants to run off with him, but he tells her that he is dying. She is sad.

At night, head of network comes to see her. He tells her about films they found about her legs, and he tells her about all bodies found at her freak shows.

She now wants to perform on Halloween, Edward shows up. He killed her but didn’t take her with him, he sent her back to freaks show. She meets everyone that die, Ethel tells her that she has to perform tonight.