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Once Upon a Time Season 4 Episode 15 Enter the Dragon

Regina infiltrate into 3 of them, she tells them she wants her revenge. They believe her, and let her in.

In past Regina goes to see Maleficent, she wants her to teach her the magic. Rumple thinks she will failed.

Snows and David tell Emma about their plan with Regina, she thinks it’s a bad idea. Regina try to convince 3 of them that she is also bad.

Emma, David and Snows are looking for Regina. Snows and David found her, she tells her that now she gain their trust.

But 3 of them tells Rumple that she try to get their information, but they didn’t tell them anything. Rumple thinks she will takes side when war start.

Regina meets Maleficent again, she tells her the secret. Regina tells Emma and them about it, they want to make Heroes and Villains fate switch. She tells them they also after the author, and they have a lead. They want her to steal something tonight, Emma tells her she will goes with her.

Hook goes to see Belle and tells her to hide Rumple’s dagger to him. Maleficent tells Regina to steal Pinocchio, Emma shows up to warn her but she said she can handle.

She lefts with Maleficent, Emma worried about her. Belle gives the dagger to Hook, but actually he is Gold. He goes back in Hook’s form, he asks her about Will. She didn’t tell him that she love him yet.

Regina found out that Rumple is behind this, he turn Pinocchio back to August. He start to asks him about the author.