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Once Upon a Time Season 4 Episode 14 Unforgiven

Snows has a nightmare about Maleficent, Cruella and Ursula come to revenge her family. She and David plan to kick them out of town.

In past, Snows and David found 3 of them in their castle. They want to make a deal with them. They want them to ask the magical tree how to defeat Regina,

At day, Cruella and Ursula go to steal something from Gold’s shop. Gold is at the underground to revive Maleficent.

David takes Emma to stakes out at Cruella and Ursula. They see them get out from Gold shop, they are suspicious. Belle tells them that one of her box is missing, they go to check them.

David found their box but he tells them he found nothing. Emma found he is also suspicious. David tell Snows about them, they plan to dump Maleficent remains to harbor so she has no way to return.

Emma found that they steal something out from Gold, but her parent lie to them while they go to get Maleficent’s remain.

Emma goes to see August, they want him to remember what he done before with the storybook. But he won’t remember, Regina is so upset.

In past Snows and Charming ditch them and go to the tree themselves. But tree didn’t give them the answer. 3 of them following them, Maleficent found that tree may be not answer to them because Snows has a child.

Maleficent thinks because of her child, tree may thinks he will become villan. So it won’t answered.

Snows and David are knocked down by Ursula and Cruella while they are going to get the ash. They use their blood to revive Maleficent.

She is back and threaten them to make them pain, they left her. They decide tell Emma everything, same for Hook.

At night Maleficent tells Snows that she also pregnant, so they need to stop Regina for their children.

At night Snows goes to see Regina, she wants her to undercover and find out their plan. She tells her about what she has done in past to make sure Emma will be a hero. So because of them Maleficent lost her child.