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American Horror Story Season 3 Episode 9 Head

In 1991 father takes his son to hunting, he gives him the bullet and the gun. They found the target, his father goes out to lure it out. He found a woman run out the wood, his father tells him to shoot her down.

But he hesitates, that woman cast fire on him. His father block it and kill her. At Marie’s shop, Fiona bring her back the head.

She talks to Marie, she tells her to join the force. She tells her about witch hunters, but Marie doesn’t care.

Hank goes to see his father, he complains him about what he done. His right hand, David explains his situation. Hank found that his father order his men and blind Cordelia.

Snow try to convinces the council that Misty is next supreme, she trick them and gauge out their eyes. She gives them to Cordelia, Fiona is surprise when she see her Cordelia’s back.

At night while Hank is eating, he suddenly snapped his body. Marie is break his body, she called him that he needs to kill them tonight or she will killed him.

At night Cordelia is teaching Misty new spell, while she goes out. Hank shows up, he is the one who after Misty. She asks him to leave, Fiona found Kyle in hidden room.

Zoe and them come back and found Kyle is back to normal with Fiona, she fix him. Next day Hank decided to kill Marie instead, he get in her shop and kill all people he see, he also shot Queenie.

He going after Marie, he hit her too. Before he end her, Queenie kill him with her ability. At night Marie goes to see Fiona.