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American Horror Story Season 4 Episode 11 Magical Thinking

2 days ago, Stanley tells Jimmy about museum. He said they wants his hand, he convinces him that he never get out alive without him.

They get him out of prison to hospital, he and his colleague takes him out. When he wakes up he found both hand missing.

Dot and Bette finally like the place and feels happy, now they don’t want to separate again. She then meets Chester, he is the salesman. He also the basic magician.

Dell goes to visit Jimmy and knows about Stanley, he tells him about he sells his hand for lawyer. Dell knows that he is tricked.

Chester try to sell things to Elsa but she tells him that they are not magic show, finally she hired him for opening. He seems has mind problem, he talks with his doll.

Dell tells Elsa about Jimmy, she tells him to get him out ASAP. Eve wants to help him too.

Chester goes to convinces twins to be his assistant, they are so happy. At night while guard transfer Jimmy back to prison, Eve and Dell goes to get him out.

Dandy hired the private detector to spy on twins, he tells him about Chester. He is upset.

Paul tells Chester that they try to buy shows from Elsa, but they lack of fund. Chester then buy the show from Elsa, he is talking with her. He tells her that he is going to give his doll a tent.

Polices are searching the show for Jimmy, while Chaser from that his doll is missing. He tells police to find her, he wander around and found Dandy.

Dandy tells him that he knows that he killed his wife, he tells him where is his doll. His doll tells him to kill twins.

Desiree goes to see Dell, she tricks him to confess. While Maggie shows Elsa,┬áMa petite’s body. After Dell confess, Elsa shots him in head.