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Once Upon a Time Season 4 Episode 13 Darkness on the Edge of Town

In past, Maleficent Ushler and Cruella meets at Maleficent castle. Rumple make them together to get their happy ending.

In storybrooke, Hook and Belle are working to release fairies from the hat. While Gold lives with Usler, he takes to see Cruella. He convinces her to help him, he tells her to Storybrooke. He tells them that author is in storybrooke, they have to find him before Heros do.

Belle found the spell that can cast fairies out the hat. It works it lets them out, but something also out from the hat too.

In past Rumple tricks 3 of them to get their happiness, each of them get rid the obstruct. But at the end, he tricks them to feed to the guard.

Gold and them arrive at the town border, he tells them about the cloak spell. He has plan to get them in.

Regina, Emma and Henry ask Blue about blank book they found. Blue tells them about Author and Sorcerer that they are different. She thinks author left some clue behind.

They heard the roar outside the town, they go to check. They found the guardian of the curse in their town. Regina and Emma try to stop it but they can chase it out.

Cruella and Usler call Regina for their redemption, they tell her that they can help her with problem about the guard.

Emma thinks that if they lure it to border line, once it cross the line it will disappear. Emma and Regina success destroy it.

While they try to let Cruella and Usler in, David and Snow against it. But Emma and Regina thinks they deserves 2nd chance. Finally they let them in, at night they let Rumple in.

He tells them that he is the one who unleashed the guard. He is one who give Belle the spell. He tells them also that the guard actually after Emma not Regina.

At night Snows and David go to meet with Usler and Cruella, they want them to not disclose their relation to anyone.