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American Horror Story Season 4 Episode 10 Orphans

Salty is dead, Pepper still with him, Pinhead usually died at 40 years old. Other start to worry about her.

Mansfield try to get Salty’s body, he tricks Elsa that he will takes car. But he send his head to the museum.

At night Dell try to get Desiree back, but she wont’. She tells Elsa that Pepper didn’t eat and she just turn up her tent. Elsa tells her how she recruit her.

Elsa also tell about Ma petite, she trades her with 3 cases of Dr. Pepper. How she found Salty, when they go to married.

Angus and Desiree goes to see Maggie for fortune, she started to jealous them. She tells them all bad happen. They upset and leave.

At night Maggie tells Desiree the truth about Stanley, but she didn’t tells her about plan to kill them. Desiree tells her that if she found that she and Stanley has something to do with the dead of freak, she will get hurt.

She backs to her tent and found twins, they wants her to help Jimmy out. She simply tells them she can’t. They gives her the money to get him out.

Stanley goes to see Jimmy at prison, he tricks him that he will find lawyer and help him out. But he tells him he has no money, he suggests him about his hand.

Maggie tells Desiree about how to help all freaks, Elsa takes Pepper back to her sister. She lefts her there.

Maggie takes Desiree to the museum, she see Ma petite’s body in jar. And see heard of Salty, then they see hand of Jimmy in jar.

Pepper’s sister goes to the church, she tells sister Eunice about her abnormal baby. She said Pepper help to raise her baby, but her husband has obsesses with her.

One day her husband wants to kill both of them, she afraid to do that to her sister. So he killed the baby, and frame Pepper. She is captured to asylum.

Sister Eunice thought that she feels guilty, she get her out and give her some works in library.