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Once Upon a Time Season 4 Episode 12 Heroes and Villains

Elsa destroy the iced wall around the town, but Emma thinks that they can’t leave that easy. There is the barrier to prevent they get out, now they need the portal.

Gold tells Hook after know about Anna, he wants him to keep Anna away from his shop. Tonight he will release himself from dagger.

Regina put back Marian’s heart, Regina feels so sad after she awake. Marian goes to thanks her for what her done, she tells her that she will step away from them.

Gold and Hook discover the portal door that Ingrid used, now he has a way to get out the town.

Hook tells Emma about portal door, which actually Gold speaks through his heart. Emma start to suspicious him.

Robin and Regina found that Marian still get effect from Ingrid’s spell. She thinks if she¬†leave the town, she will be fine. But she can’t go alone, he has to go with her.

Emma and them found the door that Hook tells them, Anna before left she tells them about Rumple’s plan.

Emma and them with Belle go to stop him from kill Hook, she takes him to the border. She is so sad because he lied to her. She commands him to leave town.

Henry shows up to Emma and Regina, he tells them about secret library. Regina thinks this is the author’s house. Emma wants to help them find the author.

6 weeks later, Gold goes to see Uslar. He tells her about the Author, he will make him changed the story.