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American Horror Story Season 4 Episode 9 Tupperware Party Massacre

Dandy goes to see Fortune teller, he wants to know about his past and future. Jimmy tells him that he knows that he is the other clown. Dandy tells him that he will destroy his happiness, because he takes away the twins.

Mansfield and Elsa found twins that Ethel hide her from them, they lie her that Ethel is killed by mob. They takes her to the barn, Mansfield tricks them that doctor will separate them completely. They both will alive.

Dandy get in woman’s club house and kill all of them. When Regina comes to see him, he tells her that he killed her mother and his mother. He scared her and let her out.

Dot try to convince Bette to separate with her, Bette tells her that she never survive alone.

Dell decided to suicide because of his guilt, why he hang himself. Desiree shows up and help him.

Next day Regina and detective come to see Dandy, he bought him and tell him to kill her. He did and ask him for shovel.

At night twins comes to see Jimmy, Dot tells him that she love her. But he tells her that he is in love with someone else. Then polices come and arrest him for murder all girls.