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American Horror Story Season 4 Episode 8 Blood Bath

Now they are looking for Ma petite, they think they found her dress cover with blood. They thinks animal takes her.

Ethel goes to see her, she thinks Elsa responsible about this. Because she jealous Ma petite, she said she didn’t. She tells her about what she overheard.

Elsa tells her about her lost leg, Ethel plan to kill her but Elsa killed her first. Next day Hemmings tells them that she found Ethel get accident and died.

They all go to see her body, Elsa bring out the act to earn their trust. Maid’s daughter comes to see her mother, Dandy and his mother tells her that she is gone for buy something.

Dandy tells his mother to kill her instead of him. Elsa goes out to recruit Babara, while at night girls wants to revenge Penny.

At night they sneak in her father’s house. They capture him and torture him with tar. Hemmings get in and stop them. They decide to let them go.

Dandy kill his mother. Hemmings try to talks sense to Jimmy but he won’t listen he even chase her out.