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American Horror Story Season 4 Episode 7 Test of Strength

They shows Jimmy where twin is, when Bette tells him about Dandy that he also there that night. Then he realize that Dandy is the killer that night. He try to get her out, they both try to convinces her, finally she decides to leave.

Jimmy shows Elsa the twins, he knows that she sell her. But twins fix it for Elsa, Jimmy is confused.

Mansfield goes to see Dell, he wants him to kill one of the freak for him. At night Dell get into Eve, Eve beats him down.

Jimmy thinks they should call police, but Ethel disagree she said they should handle him by themselves. He goes to see Dell, during talk he try to drunk him. But somehow they built their relations. Jimmy tells him that he knows he is his father.

Now they celebrate and tight, he goes back with him. He decides not to hand him to Mansfield.

Penny’s father get her tattoo on her face, he destroy her look. Elsa tells Mansfield that she has problem with twins. He purpose her that may be just kill her. Ethel overheard them.

Dell goes to see Ma petite and gives her new dress, he killed her. At night Penny goes to see Paul, he is shocks.