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American Horror Story Season 4 Episode 6 Bullseye

Today Elsa takes out the bullseye target, Ethel tell her that this week is her birthday they plan to give her gift.

They ask her about twins, she is upset. She tells them that they left without say anything.

Paul is has affair with Penny other without tell Elsa, her father comes in she hides him under bed.

Dandy tells his mother that he wants to marry Bette and Dot, he offers her a lot of thing. Dot plan to seduce him to get his money for surgery, while Bette is really love him.

Paul found Dandy in store, he suspect that he has twins. At night he tells Jimmy what he saw. He tells Jimmy also that Elsa is not who she was.

Mansfield and Hemmings has a meeting, she tells him about twins missing. Now he wants her to lure Jimmy and he will take care. She said she can’t, she offer to take Ma petite instead.

At night Elsa is upset about her rumor about twins, she throw anger at them. They wants to show her that they trust her, Elsa tells them one of them get on the bullseye.

Paul volunteer, she throw 3 knifes. Last one hit him, they takes him to hospital. At night Hemmings takes Ma petite out to the barn

Penny run off from her house and goes to see Paul, she found him injured. She asks for doctor.

At morning, Eve tells Jimmy that Ma petite is missing, then they see Hemmings and her comes. Hemmings asks Jimmy to leave with her, he agreed.

Hemmings found Mansfield in her tents while she is packing, he threaten her to bring Jimmy.

Dandy is upset of Dot after read her diary, he tells his mother about that. He plans to kill her. But Jimmy shows up, Dandy lets him in.