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Once Upon a Time Season 4 Episode 6 Family Business

Her knights warns Belle’s mother about their enemy, but too late they arrive. Orges comes in and found them, Belle wakes up and found that her mother is pass away. As she is not remember, she wants to find someone who can restore her memory.

Emma shows her tape to them, they decided to separate to find her icecream’s truck. They found in the wood, inside Emma found that Snow queen following her since her arrives.

In past Elsa shows Anna about Ingrid, her aunt. Ann thinks she is suspicious, she tells Kristoff about her. She is going to ask his family about her.

Belle goes to find rock trolls, she met Anna. She takes her with her to see them, on the way she found that Anna has the magic box. She didn’t tell her that where she get it from.

Belle force Rumple to takes her to snow queen, she tells him that she wants to get the magic box back from her.

Anna found from Grand Pappa that her mother has 2 sisters, Helga and Ingrid. He said one day they missing, so they asks him to remove everyone memory about them.

But on they way back, Anna fell the cliff. Ingrid shows up and take Anna and the magic box. She locks her in cell.

Rumple goes to see Snow queen, he tells her do not hurt people he cared. He shows her the magic hat.

Elsa tells Emma about Ingrid, she found her family in book. And she tells her about prophecy about Emma. She thinks that Ingrid try to replace her missing sister with her.

Belle shows up and tells them about Anna, and Ingrid’s mirror that can make everyone turn to each other. Now they knows that she want to remove everyone and left Emma and Elsa.