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American Horror Story Season 4 Episode 4 Edward Mordrake (Part 2)

Edward goes to see the other, Paul and Suzi. He asks them how they end up here, but they are not what he wants.

He goes to see Elsa, at first she thinks he is a fake. But then she realize that he is real, he ask her to tell him what’s going on. She tells him how she lost her legs.

While Jimmy and Hemmings is walking home, they see the clown is taking back a woman who try to escape. They decided to help her, they found that they are the kidnapper. Dandy sneaks up at them and knock them down.

After the story, Edward thinks it’s her. But before he takes her, he heard something. Dandy open the show and going to cut Hemmings in half.

Jimmy untie himself and stop him, he tells them to run. Clown capture him, but when he is going to kill him. He disappear, then he see Edward.

Hemmings lure Dandy from the other, Edward wants to know what happen to clown. He tells him that he is destroy by one of the freaks.

Edward takes him instead, Dandy comes back and see Clown dead. He takes his mask while police arrives.

Polices ask them the questions, but Jimmy didn’t tell him about his face. Once they goes back to freak shows, they meet town a lot of people.

They come to thanks them to safe the town, Elsa takes chance to sell them tickets. Mansfield shows up and asks for tickets.

Dandy back to his house and kill his maid. He feels so good about it.