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Once Upon a Time Season 4 Episode 5 Breaking Glass

Emma and Elsa are looking for clue about snow queen, she found her picture with snow queen. Emma goes to asks Regina about it, but she has no idea. After left, Sidney tells Regina that he found snow queen.

Emma found out that Elsa is missing, Elsa while waiting Emma she saw Anna asks her for help. During way she found Regina, they go to find her together.

Elsa following Anna and see her across the cliff, she make the bridge and cross to her but she is disappear.

In past Emma meet Lily, they are stealing together. Lily asks Emma to comes with her, they break in someone house.

Elsa found Anna, but she is tricked by snow queen. She is captured by her, Emma and Regina following her and found Snow man. They work together to destroy it, snow queen show up and knock them.

Elsa shows up and stop her, she leaves. Snow queen tells Sidney that she wants his mirror. After he leaves, she fixed her mirror with mirror she get from Regina.

Elsa convinces Emma not to gives up on Regina, she goes to see Regina and make their friend.

While Emma check her old stuff, she found that snow queen was her foster home.