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American Horror Story Season 4 Episode 3 Edward Mordrake (Part 1)

Mansfield and Hemmings try to trick the museum to buy his fake abnormal child, but they caught him. They tell him about freak show, he plan to see them.

Her doctor tells Ethel that she is very sick, she can live for 6 months. At freak shows they tell Bette and Dot that they don’t perform on Halloween for Edward Mordrake.

He also the abnormal, he has face at his head back. He is locked down in mad house, he escape from it and start freak show. Then he gone mad, at halloween he killed all. They tells her if freaks perform, Edward will summon.

Mystic shows up at freak show, she said she is fortune teller. She wants the job, Elsa asks her to shows her. She convinces her, she is hired.

Ethel tells Dell that she is going to die, she wants him to take care of Jimmy. He is stunning.

Hemmings tells Mansfield that she wants to quit, she tells him about freak shows and twins. He tells her that he will killed her.

Haloween night, Elsa is going to perform. Hemmings tells her that tonight important man will come. Edward is shows up, after Elsa finish he disappear.

Ethel meets Edward, he tells her that they will not leave until he get more companion. He sit down and talks to her. She tells him how she met Dell, how he treat them. She thought that he is going to take her, but he won’t.

Dandy shows up at captive, then clown shows up with a man he just taken.