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Once Upon a Time Season 4 Episode 4 The Apprentice

One of the dark one Zoso goes to get the magic box, the sorcerer apprentice try to protect it but failed. But he is knocked by the box when he try to open it. But Gold can open the box.

Hook goes to get his hand back from Gold, he has the date with Emma tonight. But he warned him that he might back to person he used to be. He won’t listen.

In past, Anna goes to see Rumple. She wants him to tells her about her parent, he said if she put something in the someone drink and he will tell her.

He wants her to put something in the sorcerer apprentice’s drink. But when Anna goes there she can’t do it. But she found out later that what he gave to her is antidote. Now he changed back to mouse.

He tells her that as she failed the deal, she will be locked in his tower. He made her fight with her inner darkness, and get her tear. Now Rumple can open that box, after he comes back Anna asks him about her parent.

He tells her that they want to remove Elsa’s power. He tells her about Sorcerer’s box that can remove any magic. She get chance and get his dagger, she learn about its power. She tells him to gives her the box and send her home.

After the date, Hook is worried about his hand. He feels more aggressive, He goes to see Gold. He wants him to meets at the dock. He wants him to following his bloom, he said they will go to find his friend.

Gold and Hook goes to see the sorcerer apprentice, he open the box and use the magic hat pull him in the hat.

Anna goes back and tells Kristoff about what she learned about their parent. She takes the box with him.

Henry tells Regina that Gold might knows how to change the story, he wants to infiltrate him and find out. Gold agreed when he asks him a job, he get him as his apprentice.