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American Horror Story Season 4 Episode 2 Massacres and Matinees

Today detectives come to the freak show, they want to search the premier. Elsa tells them to get the warrant.

In town, clown still keep kill people. At night, Jimmy takes them to dig out cop’s body and burn it.

Today Dell and Desiree come to freak show, they come for Elsa’s ad. They are hired by her now.

Dandy comes to see Jimmy he wants to stay in freak show, but he refused him. He is upset and back home, he found his mother hire the clown for him.

Elsa found that Dot can sing very well, Dell shows up and tell them they should start show earlier. He seems trouble to everyone.

Dandy following clown back to his place, clown back to his place. Woman he captured attack him and run off, but Dandy captured her back.

Jimmy tell Elsa about copy they killed, she tells him to hold on. Bette’s singer is play well and people like it.

Today polices comes to looks for Dell, anonymous tip tell them that he murder detective. Jimmy planted it on him but he knows, he get rid of evidence out of him and plant on Meep. Police takes Meep lock down.

At night, Elsa plan to separate Bette and Dot. Jimmy decided to go to police and get Meep out, but too late. He found someone drop Meep’s body.