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Once Upon a Time Season 4 Episode 3 Rocky Road

Emma takes Elsa to see Gold, asks if he knows something about her. He doesn’t know how she is here.

After Robin and Marian get the icecream from shop, while she is at the town meeting. She is freezing and collapse.

Regina tells Henry about her idea to find who write the story book, he agrees. Robin shows up and asks her to help, she found Marian freezing. She tells them they should ask Elsa, she said she didn’t. But to release her they need true love’s kiss.

He did but didn’t work, Regina thinks she needs time to found out. Emma goes out to find who did this.

In past, Elsa found that her kingdoms is attacking by Hans. He get the magic urn that can stop her, Kristoff found out and warn her. She tells him she will goes with him to stop him before war break off.

But she and Kristoff are captured by Hans, he using the urn on her. But inside there is a woman get out. She freeze Hans to ice.

Town people is frighten, they blame what happen to Elsa. They go to get her, while Hook takes Elsa with him to help Emma. Instead takes her to sheriff’s station.

Emma and David looking for clue in wood, Emma found a suspect. He try to run away, David catch him. He tells them he knows Marian and try to help her. He tells them about ice cream shop.

Hook takes Elsa to see Gold, she wants to know where is magic come from. Gold cast spell and tell them following it.

Emma and David found something strange at the ice cream shop. They think they found the source.

Hook and Elsa found a woman who use ice magic, she tells her that Anna put her in the urn. She try to kill Hook to make town people hate her, but Emma shows up.

Emma help him on time, she escapes. In past that snow queen tells Elsa that she is her mother sister. She tells her about Anna’s missing. She said she will help her find her.