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American Horror Story Season 4 Episode 1 Monsters Among Us

In 1952, milkman found that house owner Mrs. Tattler didn’t take his milk. He found she is killed. He thinks something still in her house, he found someone in closet. They takes her to hospital, they found she is abnormal.

Elsa comes to hospital, she asks one of nurse about the abnormal. She gives her a card in case of that abnormal wants someone.

She disguise as nurse and get in, she found her. That abnormal has 2 heads, she gives her the 2 balloons.

She try to talks to her, seem each of them fight each other. They have different personality.

One couple while they are in picnic, they found a man in clown suit. He killed them all. At diner, Elsa found Jimmy is flirting with waitress. She goes to see him, she tells him that she has plan for their show. He tells him that the landlord is kicking them out, she said she manages that.

A woman goes to see him at the club, Jimmy has abnormal hands. He help her finish, at hospital Elsa found that Dot killed her own mother.

At night that clown kill all his parent and abduct him, he is captured with a woman. Clown get in and scare them.

Elsa convinces her to goes with her to her show, she found many abnormal people, and Jimmy. Betty and Dot is not so happy to be here much.

At night, a detective show up to catch Bette an Dot. Jimmy try to stop him, he is taunt by him. He is upset and kill him.

At night Dandy and his mother bought all shows, after show start Dandy is loves the shop. During shows Dandy goes to see Betty and Dot, he likes to get her home. They willing to paid a lot but they refuse. She said this is their home.